Haulotte Diag




What is Haulotte Diag?


Haulotte Diag is a free diagnostic tool that allows remote access for maintenance technicians to diagnose all Haulotte machines.





Haulotte Diag can be used with the Haulotte DiagPad2 or your own devices:



Haulotte Diag works in conjunction with a Wireless VCI box that allows remote access for technicians to troubleshoot Haulotte machines.


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Haulotte DiagPad2

Haulotte DiagPad2


Haulotte DiagPad2 device is designed to survive harshest environments (waterproof, dustproof...).

It’s a all-in-one package, including a Panasonic handled rugged tablet (Windows 10), Haulotte Diag software embedded and Haulotte VCI Box that allows remote access for technicians.

Haulotte DiagPad2 can be ordered through Haulotte Sales subsidiaries or on Easy Spare Parts (part number 4000427540).

You are ready to go.

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Haulotte Diag
Bring your own device

Software for Windows

Haulotte Diag Software is available for Windows OS and let you access your machine easily with your desktop, laptop or tablets (from Windows 7 to 10).

Mobile Devices App


With your smartphone or tablet on Apple iOS or Android operating system, you can access information about your machine as well thanks to the Haulotte Diag app.

Haulotte VCI Box is required to use Haulotte Diag and can be ordered through Haulotte Sales subsidiaries or on Easy Spart Parts (part number 4000099300).


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Haulotte Diag Features

All machines released from 2014 can be diagnosed in an advanced features mode, including new features to improve the ease & speed of diagnosis.



Advanced troubleshooting features display the whole process to resolve the problem :
> Information about the probable cause of the failure
> Instructions to solve the problem
> Components to check and status in real time
> Diagnostic instructions
> Location and picture of components


Adjustment of all machine parameters such as:
> Speed
> Ramps
> Options
> Calibration of the machine


Access to machine service intervals and logs configured in the machine.


Advanced diagnostic features: assisted troubleshooting to return the machine to service quickly when it  is malfunctioning (no movement or very slow movements).


Haulotte Diag is available in 12 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Chinese (simplify & traditional), Korean and Japanese - with the potential to add more languages in future updates).


For older and current machines, please note that older and certain current machines will be diagnosed in a downgraded mode (the same functions as Haulotte current diagnostics tools - in English only).



haulotte_diag_brochureHaulotte Diag brochure